Organic rice bowls- $10

Choose brown or white rice with your option of:



ground beef

black beans

turkey bacon

Top your bowl with 3 veggies:                           

green bell pepper                  




red bell pepper                        




Choose 1 sauce:

BBQ                      Teriyaki

Orange                  Sriracha

Sweet Sriracha

Tacos- $3 

4" organic corn tortillas with your choice of protein, cheese, and two veggies

*Tuesdays all tacos are $2*

Signature quesadilla meals- $12

*each quesadilla is served with your choicel of our dressed corn or black beans & rice 

Barbecue Chicken-  (V,VG) organic chicken sautéed in our house sauce, sauteed green bell pepper and onion, mozzarella cheese, blue cheese 

Cheeseburger- local grass finished ground beef, organic olive oil based mayo, sharp cheddar, raw purple onion, raw spinach, raw tomatoes

Vegetable- ​(V,VG) ​sautéed red and green bell pepper, sautéed purple onion, sautéed mushroom, raw spinach, mozzarella cheese

Santa Fe-(V,VG) organic refried black beans, raw bell pepper, raw onion, cooked corn kernels, pepper jack cheese

B.L.T.-organic turkey bacon, organic olive oil mayo, raw spinach, raw tomatoes, mozzarella cheese

405-local grass fed ground beef, turkey bacon, 2 fried eggs, sautéed mushroom & onion, raw spinach, sharp cheddar, olive oil based mayo........$18

​*Wednesday specials- 2 for $20 *
(your choice of any 2 quesadillas & 2 sides)

V-vegetarian option available
VG-vegan option available
Gluten free options available for all quesadillas.

House made guacamole &  chips- $6

House made pineapple salsa (spicy) & chips- $5

extra meat- $3

extra cheese- $2 

dipping sauces-  $ .50

corn- $3

rice & black beans- $3 

*All vegetables and cheeses are organic. 

*All quesadillas made with organic unbleached flour tortillas.

 *Organic almond tortillas are used for vegan and gluten-free options

Quality organic fast food in the form of gourmet quesadillas.